Plastic Surgery

26-05-2015 Plastic Surgery

Why Plastic Surgery is called “Plastic Surgery”?

Actually when field of Plastic surgery was evolving after world war II , the material of plastic was discovered and people were making different items from one single material by moulding it, like they were making cup, spoon and bowel from the same plastic. In the same way surgeons were moulding tissue and using it […]

24-05-2015 Plastic Surgery


FIRST AID FOR BURNS: Burn injury is a very common injury. It can be caused by fire(flames), Chemicals , hot liquids, steam, electricity. If you see any person on fire ask him to STOP, DROP and ROLL, so that flames are extinguished. Once the flames are off, put water on the burned part for 10 […]

14-01-2013 Plastic Surgery

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